Monday, September 30, 2013

"Strange Tales From The Doc" #5 Yes, let’s put an end to the rumors and guessing. D.I. stands for Disruptive Influence. Trust your Doc…

“See why D.I. was one of my favorite bands to see “back in the day” (yeah, “back in the day”?) Who came up with that? Same douche that coined “Old School”? Read on!”
DI (aka Distruptive Influence) at The Fenders 1986

Yes, let’s put an end to the rumors and guessing. D.I. stands for Disruptive Influence. Trust your Doc…
Casey Royer pic by Doc Strange
Now although I took this picture The Fenders in Long Beach my story is actually from when D.I. played the Olympic. It was right when their debut 12”ep “s/t” (aka Richard Hung Himself) came out. I was standing off to the left of the MASSAVE pit (The Olympic would have thousands of people back then on a regular basis) D.I. had played a couple songs and Casey brought out a box of their brand new 12”. He tossed a few out to the rabid crowd down front [who doesn’t want a free record right?]. He then hucked one like a frisbee off to the right and it soon turned into a record boomarang and started making it’s way towards me! I’ve always been tall (and very handsome) so I jumped with all my might and the next thing you 
 know, I have the new D.I. 12” in my hands!
D.I. (EP)
D.I. (EP) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I've seen DI many times all over Southern California. Always a GREAT band to see live for sure and this was no exception. Casey Royer with Rik Agnew playing like a possessed demon! A winning combination. When D.I. was on their game they were one of the best bands to see. Great band then and now!

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

More new Lp Arrivals just-in this week: Dead Kennedys, The Kids Are United, Crass, Icons of Filth

More new Lp Arrivals just-in this week: 
Dead Kennedys "Halloween" (Rare! UK original press from 1982, excellent shape!) 
"The Kids Are United" Comp Lp (Ultra-Rare! 4-Skins, UK Subs, Sham 69, Splodge,  Angelic Upstarts, Exploited and more. 1982 orig), 
Crass "The Feeding of The 5000" (Second press, but original first press on Crass [says 2.00 pounds] w/ poster sleeve)  
Icons of Filth "Onward Christian Soldiers" (Very Rare! original press from '83, gatefold, RARE!)

Dr. Strange Records "Where it's 1982 Everyday!"

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Holy Smokes!! Look at these RARE 7"s we just got-in!!

Holy Smokes!! Look at these RARE 7"s we just got-in!! Cock Sparrer "True To Yourself" Dead Kennedys "Holiday in Cambodia" Abrasive Wheels "Jail House Rock" Dead Kennedys "Too Drunk To Fuck" Conflict "The House That Man Built" Chelsea "Right To Work, Loner" Jesus Crust/Wurst split Ep, Litmus Green "Goin' To Town" Ill Repute "Oxnard, Land of No Toilets" #punk

More Rare Punk Vinyl that is missing from your boring life here....
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Friday, September 27, 2013

More shirts! This time ones that aren't on black....

More shirts! This time ones that aren't on black, The Cramps "Bad Music For Bad People" Descendents "Milo Goes To College" The Angry Samoans "Inside My Brain" and Circle Jerks "Nun In Class"

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Hey DC Hardcore buffs! We Just got a fresh restock of Dischord Records!!

Hey DC Hardcore buffs!We Just got a fresh restock of Dischord Records!! Here we have some Bikini Kill "s/t", Void "Sessions 81-83", "Flex Your Head" v/a Comp Lp, Dischord "The Year in 7"s" Comp, Minor Threat "Out of Step," Fugazi "s/t" Lp plus much more!! See them all on the website or in-store (like, duh) go here....

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Here's a few of our best-selling punk t-shirts: Trash Racism, Demented Are Go, Dystopia (Fetus), and check out that sweet new Crass shirt!

Here's a few of our best-selling punk t-shirts: 
Trash Racism, Demented Are Go
Dystopia (Fetus), and check out that sweet new Crass shirt! 

420 t-shirts in stock and counting, 
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More of our "MEGA-BUTTONS" arrived!

More of our "MEGA-BUTTONS" arrived! 
 Subhumans, Demented Are Go, The Smiths "Meat is Murder" Misfits "Horror" Necromantix, Moterhead, Ramones, Blondie, Koffin Kats, Adicts, The Partisans, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Angelic Upstarts, Battalion Of Saints, Batmobile, Hunx and His Punks, The Cramps, Go Go's, The Casualties, Dead Kennedys, Guana Bats, Germs, Darby Crash
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WHITE FLAG: Artifix Records founders share memories of Bill Bartell, RIP. By Vanessa Franko

WHITE FLAG: Artifix Records founders share memories of Bill Bartell, RIP..... #punk
via Press Enterprise Blog

I spent the day working on a story about the life of of Bill Bartell/Pat Fear of White Flag. The punk legend was found dead in his Moreno Valley home on Tuesday, Sept. 24. I’ve also been putting together condolences from friends and fans.

Two of the people I had the privilege of speaking to today were Greg McWhorter, who owns Moreno Valley’s Artifix Records with his wife, Kim.

The first White Flag album Greg McWhorter owned was 1984′s “Third Strike,” but he didn’t meet Bartell until 2001 after the McWhorter family had moved to Moreno Valley, where White Flag started in the early 1980s when the area was known as Sunnymead.

The McWhorters founded Artifix Records and one of the first people they reached out to was Bartell. The label put out a CD of White Flag’s earliest material, from the first year of the band’s existence.

He said he once heard someone say that putting together a complete discography of White Flag would be impossible, and that he agreed with it.

“White Flag has put out more records in more countries than any other band in history,” Greg McWhorter said, who is also a punk rock historian and collector.

Artifix has some great material on White Flag over at their site, too.

But more than the music, the McWhorters said Bartell treated him like his own extended family.

“He touched so many people,” Greg McWhorter said.

He also said Bartell was one to tick people off, but did it in a good-natured way.

Their kids were even in the video for “Danger Island.” Kim McWhorter said only Bartell would make their kids burst into flames at the end of the video. 

“It was hilarious,” she said.
When Bartell was consulting on the movie “What We Do is Secret,” about Germs’ lead singer Darby Crash, he invited the McWhorters onto the set, too.

Kim McWhorter had a fond memory of Bartell getting her into the photo pit for Os Mutantes, a Brazilian band that he helped gain an American cult following.

A very special thank you to the McWhorters for sending photos over for us to use, too. They often photographed White Flag and Bartell over the years.

Greg also sent this over a little bit after we talked:
“I just wanted to add that Bill Bartell’s level of energy was maddening. He never took breaks, he never stopped. He gave everything he did 110%. His enthusiasm was infectious, and it was this enthusiasm and energy that allowed many to see past his smart-aleck nature. He loved to tease everyone and nobody was safe from his barbs when he was around. Going back to his energy…We never figured out what made him tick, but he really sucked all of the life out of living that he could. He often amazed us with his daily and non-stop exploits. His declining health he referred to as “an annoyance” and never really let on just how bad his health was getting.”

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