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Critical Update!! "Strangest Job" Contest!! Send a Picture of Yourself at The "Strangest Job" You've Had, and Enter To Win $100.00 in Store Credit towards ANYTHING Sold at Dr. Strange Records!!

"Strangest Job" Contest Starts on May 31st, and Ends June 30th 2013.

Hey Guys! Doc here with an awesome #contest for you! Send me a picture (past or present) of the "Strangest" job you've ever had and you can win $100.00 worth of credit towards ANYTHING we sell! All you need to do is this:

E-mail us at (attn: Contest) with a picture. Contest will end June 30th and be voted on by Dr. Strange employees. Good luck and have fun!

What Constitutes a Strange Job? Example: It is this Lady's Job to collect Elephant Dung....

7136 Amethyst Ave.
Alta Loma, Ca. 91701
(909) 944-1778

"Dr. Strange Records: Doin' This Shit Since 1988"

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Interview With Doc Strange, From Bill Raid's Blog, April 2009 (Interviews)

What we have in front of us right now is an email chat with none other than a mysterious man also named Bill, but better known as Dr. Strange. I'm writing up a piece on him right now but here's the straight e-mail dope.

Alright, for those who may not know, who are you and what exactly do you do? 

I'm "Doc" of Dr. Strange Records and I run a mail order and "real" Record Store speculating in RARE and out of print punk records, CDs, t-shirts, boots, Fred Perrys, etc... If it's "punk" (or related) we have it! I also run a Label. The mail order was first (started in 1988) followed a year later by the label (100+ releases) and the record store has been open to the public for 11 years.

You ran a mail order distro along with your record label for many years before starting up the brick and mortar store. What inspired you to take the plunge into a physical location? Can you give a brief history of your shop? 

Well, I always thought it would be "cool" to have a record store. I started the mail order out of my apartment and then moved it to my house. It was really just a combination of luck (finding a place) and necessity (running out of space) that made me open a store. Having 3-4 employees show up daily at my house got tiresome real fast. Plus I was newly married so I knew it wouldn't work. Opening the store was a lot of work but a lot of fun too. It took 4 months of hard work (mostly by my good buddy who can do it all). We had to paint, new floor, new signs etc... We barely had it opened in time for the grand opening. We were up until 3 of 4:00 in the morning putting the front doors in the day before!

Are the label and record store completely separate or do you draw from a community pot?

It was at first. I'd keep the Label and mail order separate but that has changed over the past few years. It's all the same.

At what point did you first become aware of MP3 technology? Also at what point did you notice it starting to affect your sales and revenue flow at the shop?

Because of the record store and people the "walk-ins" I found out REAL FAST! My first awareness of technology affecting me was when a group of kids would walk into the store and one would pick up a cd and then his buddy would tell him, "Don't worry about getting it. I have it and will burn you a copy.” 

Has the economic situation had a noticeable effect on your shop? I know from personal experience that I've had to slash almost my entire record buying budget over the last year and it’s slowly but surely killing me; I’m sure that I’m not the only one with a similar story. You’ve been in the business for long enough to probably have a good sense about these types of things; do you have any inclinations or predictions of what’s coming next for non-big box record stores?

Oh yeah, of course. This Recession was not the first "hit" for record stores. It was the third. First was cd burning, second was downloading and then the Recession. It's a huge reason why so many stores have gone under. I have seen this day coming (decrease in sales due to technology) so several years ago I made a plan to sell more clothing and other items you can't "burn", copy or download. Selling shoes, Fred Perrys, belts, t-shirts etc has helped but it's still rough out there. I've seen a huge difference in sales trust me. I just need to be a little (a LOT) smarter when making decisions that pertain to the store. 

What is your take on the current resurgence in popularity of vinyl, both as the head of a label and a record store? Are you worried that people have become so concerned about the color of the wax and ultra-limited pressings that they only see records as collector’s items and not a musical format? Has the resurgence caused any headaches on your end trying to get new releases out because of a back up at the pressing plant? 
Good question. Well as I said early, technology has hurt us but it has also helped us. (which I didn't expect). Because of new technology you can now buy a turntable that is automatically set up to plus into your computer so you can download to you iPod or whatever. So that has helped with vinyl sales for sure. CD Sales are a lot slower (hey, that's fine with me, vinyl RULES!). I do hate what I call the "Trophy Hunter" mentality usually found on ebay. You know, those fucking morons that spend way to much on a rare record just so they can say they have it and rub it in their friends faces. I guarantee most of those idiots don't even listen to the record they spent so much on. I don't have a problem spending money on a record that you honestly want. I just cannot stand those that buy it as a "collectible" item and nothing else. Fuck you Poseur!

I never noticed before a couple days ago that you also run a distro for punk clothing (bondage pants, etc). When did that start up and why?

Yeah, it's been a couple years. Just another way of trying to sell something else that people cannot copy.

Is the store big enough for bands to do in-stores? If so, who have you brought in and have the appearances made a difference in your sales?

Yeah, it's about 2300 square feet. We have had bands play like: Casualties (10 years ago), several Dr. Strange bands, Ed Colver (world famous punk rock photographer) and more do in-stores. I plan on more. Once again in an effort to help bring people in. It IS a major headache but it's worth it (so far).

You recently released a limited LP to commemorate the 20thanniversary of the record label. What exactly is on the LP and do you have any other plans to celebrate?

No, I think just the LP is good enough. I didn't want to make that big of a deal out of it. Maybe for the 30th? Here's a listing of all the bands on it. I basically just made a cool comp using Dr. Strange bands: dsr-100 v/a lp “Dr. Strange 20th Anniversary lp” Only 300 made, picture disc, with bands spanning 20 years of Dr. Strange Records: Manson Youth, Rhythm Collision, The Bollweevils, The Freeze, Whatever, The Marshes, Mad Parade, Government Issue, The Skulls, Threats, Chiefs, Black Market Baby, Texas Thieves and 999. Strictly limited to 300 copies! Mastered by Tom Lyle of Government Issue w/ big booklet, discography photos and more.

I've talked to some other record store workers/owners and they’ve all mentioned traveling abroad to bring in some stock for their shop. Have you ever done this and has it been worth the trip? What’s the one record you found in an out of the way place that forced a double take to make sure it was real?

Sure, my wife and I used to make regular trips to the U.K. years ago just for that reason. We’ve been to Sweden as well. Basically ANYWHERE we go I'm always on the hunt for records. It hasn't been as necessary lately because so many people e-mail me from all over with lists or people come into the store. I think the best/coolest store (now longer in business by the way) was Beano's outside of London. Three stories of records!

While doing some research online I came across you speaking at the upcoming Los Angeles Punk Con. Can you give any details about what it will entail and what your role in it is? Do you foresee this becoming an annual thing?

Really? That's news to me. I do plan on going there for sure but Mike (putting it on) hasn't asked me to speak. I don't think I would to tell you the truth. The thought of Public Speaking does NOT sound fun to me!

What sells better at your store, the older classics or new releases? Over the years which album do you estimate you’ve sold the most of at the store to impressionable young minds? 

Easy. The best selling has to be one of MY all time fav's: The Adolescents cd/lp "s/t". It's a GREAT release and a must have. Also, Circle Jerks "Group Sex" and Suicidal Tendencies "s/t". It's great because these releases sell to people of all ages. Why? Because they ruled back then and STILL rule!

Within the last couple years the label of Dr. Strange has taken to working more with older bands, either on re-releases or on new material after a long break; was that an intentional shift?

Yes, for sure. I decided to work with bands that were/are my favorites that have a similar mind set as I do. You know, these older bands (most of) are no longer together and don't tour. They just want their music out there to be heard. It's less stressful for sure.

What newer bands have you excited about punk rock these days?

The first band to come to mind is Government Warning from Maine? Back east somewhere. (ed note - Richmond, VA, and they do fucking rule) Great early 80's style hardcore. It's not that they're doing anything original or new, it's just that they do it REALLY well and with a lot of energy. But the truth is, for the most part, I'm still listening to the same stuff I did in high school! 

Any last words or thoughts you’d like to add?

Yes, as I always do in interviews I want to give a very sincere "thank you" to everyone who has ever bought anything from my mail order, label or record store. Without those people I wouldn't have the best "job" in the world! If you want more info on me or want to e-mail to say "hey" check the site:
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Critical Update!! Check Out The Big Next Thing On Dr. Strange Records; DSR-130 Beaver LP

Check out the big next thing on Dr. Strange Records; dsr-130 Beaver lp. This was originally released in 1980 [Washington, D.C.] as a 7” and we’ve found 9 more studio [great quality] tracks to add. Don’t pay big bucks for the original, get this one! For fans of EARLY Discord releases like: Teen Idles, Void and Government issue. This is the fastest release I’ve ever done! Only 25 test pressings were made [only a few left].


search Beaver

Beaver 7" Reviewed By
One of the lesser known DC-related Hardcore Punk records and much of the attention it’s still getting seems to be coming mainly from the participation of Tom Lyle from GOVERNMENT ISSUE. BEAVER also had a great song (“Punch him int he Head” redone) on the «Bouncing Babies» Comp. LP.

This is such a great EP! Hectic, manic Hardcore with some interesting twists and nice basslines. Some say this suffers from a thin sound – I cannot say so. To me, these mosquito guitars and the tin can drums are one crucial aspect of Hardcore in its early days. And we all know that these were the golden days. It’s obvious though the record doesn’t sound as it should have sounded; the production’s really weird, but there’s still so much fun and energy coming from it, how could you say this is a bad production? Thin sound, stop and go stakkato – it may come as no surprise to you when I’m saying that this sounds more than a bit like an earlier version of G.I. Hard to pick a fave song out of the ten numbers featured here. They’re all short and fast and very original, pretty far from being generic.
This EP never really got the appreciation it deserves (despite the anti-AC/DC sentiments expressed in the song “KKK-FM”). Do a little internet research and you’ll find the same negative stereotypes over and over gain. Time to change this! This is a fantastic yet overlooked record. And it will only get better, year after year.

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Complete List of Dr. Strange Records Releases (DSR) 1990-2013

This is the current complete list of Dr. Strange Records Releases,  
DSR 1-129, Including The New Symbol Six S/T (LP) (DSR-128) "The Complexity Of Stupidity" by Billy Bones, (DSR- 129) Release Date is June 4th, 2013

Click On Images To Buy Records Online at!!

Billy Bones
"Complexity Of Stupidity"
Red/Blue Jackets
LP (DSR-129)
Symbol Six 
"S/T" LP

2013 New Releases
DSR 128 Symbol Six Symbol Six ‎(LP) 2013

All Titles Listed From
Ill Repute
"Big Rusty Balls"
CD/LP (DSR-16)
Dr. Strange Records Releases 1990-2013
DSR 1 Manson Youth (2) Death Dance ‎(7", Ltd, EP, Ora) 1990
DSR 2 Bolsheviks, The Cabbage In Mind ‎(7", Red) 1990
DSR 3 Rhythm Collision A Look Away / I Should've Known (Single) ◄ (3 versions) 1990
DSR-4 Manson Youth (2) God's Fun Children ‎(7") 1991
DSR 5 Guttermouth Puke ‎(7") 1991
DSR-6 Rhythm Collision Pressure (Album) ◄ (3 versions) 1991
DSR 7 Guttermouth Balls ‎(7") 1991
DSR 8 12 Pack Pretty Foulmouth EP (EP) ◄ (2 versions) 1991
DSR 9 Guttermouth Full Length LP (Album) ◄ (2 versions) 1991
DSR 10 Various A Strange Compilation ‎(LP, Comp, Pic, Ltd, S/Sided) 1992
DSR 11 Jobbernowl My Sight ◄ (2 versions) 1992
VooDoo Glow Skulls
"Who Is, This Is?"
CD (DSR-18)
DSR 12 Face To Face No Authority (Single) ◄ (5 versions) 1992
DSR13CD Face To Face Don't Turn Away ‎(CD, Album) 1992
DSR13LP Face To Face Don't Turn Away ‎(LP, Album) 1992
DSR15CD Rhythm Collision Now ‎(CD, Album) 1992
DSR15LP Rhythm Collision Now (Album) ◄ (3 versions) 1992
DSR 16 Ill Repute Big Rusty Balls (Album) ◄ (3 versions) 1993
DSR 17 Voodoo Glow Skulls Dog Pile (EP) ◄ (2 versions) 1993
DSR 18 Voodoo Glow Skulls Who Is, This Is? (Album) ◄ (5 versions)
DSR 19 Bollweevils, The Chicago EP (EP) ◄ (2 versions) 1993
DSR 20 Bollweevils, The Stick Your Neck Out! (Album) ◄ (4 versions) 1994
DSR 21 Man Dingo How's My Driving? ◄ (2 versions) 1994
DSR 22 Man Dingo Ifive (Album) ◄ (4 versions) 1994
Skankin Pickle
"The Green Album"
CD/LP (DSR-42) 
DSR 23 Schleprock Something Like That ‎(7") 1994
DSR24 Schleprock Propeller (Album) ◄ (2 versions) 1994

DSR 25 Bollweevils, The History Of The Bollweevils Part I ‎(CD, Comp) 1994
DSR 26 Zoinks! Soap Factory ◄ (2 versions) 1995
DSR 27 Sinkhole Tumble Mat (Single) ◄ (2 versions) 1995
DSR 28 Sinkhole Space Freak (Album) ◄ (3 versions) 1995
DSR 29 Brown Lobster Tank Static E.P. (EP) ◄ (2 versions) 1995
DSR 30 Voodoo Glow Skulls Land Of Misfit Toys / Charlie Brown ‎(7") 1995
DSR#31 Zoinks! Bad Move Space Cadet (Album) ◄ (3 versions) 1995
DSR 32 Rhythm Collision Too Long ◄ (4 versions) 1995
DSR 33 Mandingo* All The Songs You've Always Hated ‎(7", Ltd, Pur) 1995
Government Issue
"Complete History Volume One"
2xCD (DSR-81)
DSR 34 Schleprock Out Of Spite (MiniAlbum) ◄ (3 versions) 1995
DSR 35 Bollweevils, The Heavyweight (Album) ◄ (3 versions) 1995
DSR 36 Gameface A Day In June (Single) ◄ (2 versions) 1995
dsr-37 Skankin' Pickle Sing Along With Skankin’ Pickle (Album) ◄ (2 versions) 1996
DSR 38 Gameface Three To Get Ready (Album) ◄ (2 versions) 1995
DSR#39 Rhythm Collision Clobberer! (Album) ◄ (4 versions) 1995
DSR 40 Brown Lobster Tank Tooth Smoke ‎(CD, Promo) 1995
DSR 40 Brown Lobster Tank Tooth Smoke (Album) ◄ (3 versions)
DSR 41 Man Dingo Bad Touch Becca ‎(10") 1995
DSR-42 Skankin' Pickle Green Album (Album) ◄ (5 versions) 1996
DSR-43 Mandingo* Macho Grande (Album) ◄ (4 versions) 1996
DSR 44 Freeze, The / Bollweevils, The A Deadly Duo ◄ (2 versions) 1996
Government Issue
"Complete History Volume Two"
2xCD (DSR-82)
DSR 45 Zoinks! Stranger Anxiety ‎(CD, Comp) 1996
DSR 46 Bollweevils, The / 4-Squares, The Carol E.P. ◄ (2 versions) 1995
DSR 47 Mandingo* / Zoinks! Split ◄ (2 versions) 1996
DSR 48 Bollweevils, The Weevilive (Album) ◄ (5 versions) 1996
DSR 49 Whatever... Snack Time ‎(7", Single) 1996
DSR 51 Feds, The Classified (EP) ◄ (4 versions) 1997
DSR 52 Gameface Cupcakes (EP) ◄ (3 versions) 1997
DSR 53 Rhythm Collision Collision Course ‎(CD, Album) 1997
DSR 54 Peter And The Test Tube Babies Supermodels ◄ (3 versions) 1996
DSR 56 Peter And The Test Tube Babies The Mating Sounds Of South American Frogs ‎(CD, Album)
DSR-58 Peter And The Test Tube Babies Test Tube Trash ‎(CD, Comp)
DSR-59 Peter And The Test Tube Babies Journey To The Centre Of Johnny Clarke's Head ‎(CD, Album)
The Freeze
"Token Bones"
CD/Comp (DSR-62)
DSR60 Feds, The Chicago Bureau (Album) ◄ (3 versions) 1997
DSR 61 Zoinks! Panorama (EP) ◄ (2 versions) 1997
DSR 62 Freeze, The Token Bones ‎(CD, Comp) 1997
DSR63 Marshes, The Pox On The Tracts (Album) ◄ (3 versions) 1997
DSR 64 Tank, The ...Standing In Your Way (Single) ◄ (2 versions) 1997
DSR65 Gameface Good ‎(CD, Album, RE) 1999
DSR 66 Zoinks! Well And Good (Album) ◄ (4 versions) 1997
DSR67 Man Dingo / Oblivion (12) Split CD ‎(CD) 1999
DSR 68 Feds, The / Marshes, The Split ◄ (3 versions) 1997
DSR69 Whatever... Youngsters (Album) ◄ (2 versions) 1997
DSR70 Mad Parade Re-Issues ‎(CD, Comp, RM) 1999
DSR71 Gameface Reminder ‎(CD, Comp) 1998
DSR 72 Tank, The There Is No "I" In Band (Album) ◄ (3 versions) 1999
The Threats
"12 Punk Moves"
CD/LP (DSR-90)
DSR 73 Cock Sparrer Bloody Minded... The Best Of Cock Sparrer (Comp) ◄ (4 versions) 1997
DSR 74 Mad Parade Mp ‎(7", Ltd, Blu) 1999
DSR 75 Bollweevils, The History Of The Bollweevils Part II (Comp) ◄
(2 versions) 1998
DSR 077 Sinkhole Retrospectacles ‎(CD, Comp) 1999
DSR 78 Freeze, The One False Move (Album) ◄ (2 versions) 1999
DSR 79 Marshes, The Recluse ‎(CD, Album) 2000
DSR 81 Government Issue Complete History Volume One ‎(2xCD, Comp) 2000
DSR 82 Government Issue Complete History Volume Two ‎(2xCD, Comp) 2001
DSR 83 Mad Parade God Bless America ‎(CD, Album) 2000
DSR 84 Skulls, The (3) Therapy For The Shy ‎(LP, TP) 2002
Government Issue
"Strange Wine"
Live CD, LP
DSR 84 Skulls, The (3) Therapy For The Shy (Album) ◄ (2 versions)
DSR 85 Channel 3 (2) CH3 (Album) ◄ (2 versions) 2002
DSR86 Various Barricaded Suspects ‎(CD, Comp, RE) 2002
DSR87 Various 4 Old Toxic Shock 7"s ‎(CD, Comp) 2002
DSR88 Stäläg 13* In Control (Album) ◄ (4 versions) 2002
DSR 89 Threats Live At CBGB's 2002 (Album) ◄ (2 versions) 2003
DSR 90 Threats Twelve Punk Moves ‎(CD, Album) 2003
DSR 91 Threats Demos & Rarities ‎(CD, Comp) 2003
DSR 92 Government Issue Strange Wine : Live At CBGB August 30 1987 ‎(CD, Album) 2003
DSR 93 Mad Parade Bombs And The Bible ‎(CD, Album) 2003
DSR-94 Skulls, The (3) The Golden Age Of Piracy (Album) ◄ (3 versions) 2003
DSR 95 Skulls, The (3) / Texas Thieves Split (Single) ◄ (6 versions) 2003
"Good" LP, CD
DSR 96 Freeze, The Land Of The Lost / Rabid Reaction ‎(CD, RE, Comp) 2003
DSR-97 Epileptics, The / Flux Of Pink Indians Fits And Starts ‎(CD, Comp) 2003
DSR 98 Broken Bones!* No-One Survives ◄ (2 versions) 2004
DSR 99 Skulls, The (3) You Can't Drag Me Down ‎(7", Single, Ltd)
DSR-100 Various 20th Anniversary Comp (Comp) ◄ (2 versions) 2008
DSR-102 Voids, The (2) Kill A Generation ‎(CD, Album)
DSR - 103 Cheifs Holly-West Crisis (Comp) ◄ (5 versions) 2004
DSR-104 Black Market Baby Coulda... Shoulda... Woulda - The Black Market Baby Collection ‎(CD, Comp) 2005
DSR 105 Texas Thieves Killer On Craigs List ‎(CD, Album) 2004
Channel 3
CD/LP (DSR-85)
DSR 106 Freeze, The Freak Show / Crawling Blind ‎(CD, Comp) 2004
DSR107 Partisans, The Idiot Nation (Album) ◄ (3 versions) 2004
DSR 108 Broken Bones Time For Anger, Not Justice (Album) ◄ (2
versions) 2005
DSR 109 Threats God Is Not With Us Today (Album) ◄ (5 versions) 2006
DSR-110 Riot/Clone Success (Album) ◄ (3 versions) 2007
DSR -111 Various Taking Out A Little Agression - A Tribute To Agression ‎(LP, Comp, Tri + 7", Comp, Tri)
DSR-112 Voids, The (2) Sounds Of Failure, Sounds Of Hope ‎(LP, Album, Spl)
DSR-114 Government Issue A HarD.C.ore Day's Night ‎(DVD) 2008
DSR 115 Billybones, The We're Selfish ‎(7", gre) 2007
DSR 116 Narcoleptic Youth 86 The Crap ‎(7", Ltd, Bro) 2007
Mad Parade
"Bombs and The Bible" CD
(DSR- 93)
DSR-116 Narcoleptic Youth Barbi In Bondage ‎(7", EP, Ltd, Tra) 2007
DSR-117 Government Issue Make An Effort EP (EP) ◄ (2 versions) 2008
DSR 118 Narcoleptic Youth Airplay ‎(CD, Album) 2009
DSR-120 Broken Bones Death Walks The Streets EP (EP) ◄ (2 versions) 2009
DSR-121 Government Issue Joy Ride ◄ (2 versions) 2010
DSR-122 Marshes, The Vicious Beast ‎(7") 2010
DSR-122 Marshes, The Vicious Beast ‎(7", Blu) 2010
DSR-123 Government Issue The Fun Just Never Ends ‎(LP, RE) 2010
DSR-125 Government Issue Government Issue ◄ (2 versions) 2011
DSR 126 Black Market Baby Potential Suicide ◄ (2 versions) 2011
DSR-127 Frustrators, The Griller ‎(7", Ltd, EP) 2011
DSR-128 Symbol Six Symbol Six ‎(12", TP, Comp) 2012
Flux Of Pink Indians/Epileptics
"Fits and Starts" LP
DSR-128 Symbol Six Symbol Six ‎(LP) 2013
DSR124 - 7 Social Unrest Songs For Sinners ‎(7", EP, Mar) 2010
DSR B Rhythm Collision 4 Unnamed Track Sampler ‎(CD, Promo, Smplr) 1995
DSRCD-110 Riot/Clone Success ‎(CD, Album) 2007
No.1 Manson Youth (2) Death Dance ‎(7", Ltd, Yel) 1990
No. 2 Bolsheviks, The Cabbage In Mind ‎(7") 1990
none Various 1996 Catalog ‎(CD) 1996
none Various Rational Inquirer New Music Sampler ‎(CD, Comp, Smplr) 1996
none Texas Thieves Killer On Craigs List ‎(CD, Single, Promo) 2004
none Various Doctor Strange Records New Symptoms ‎(Cass, Comp, Promo)
none 999 Gimme The World (Single) ◄ (2 versions) 2007
none Billybones, The We're Selfish ‎(7", Ltd, Whi)
The Threats
"Demos and Rarities"
CD (DSR- 91)
Black Market Baby
"Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda"
CD (DSR-104)

Stalag 13
"In Control"
CD/LP (DSR- 88)
External Menace
"Process Of Elimination"
CD (DSR- 101)
Holly-West Crisis 
CD (DSR- 103)
The Freeze
"Freak SHow/Crawling Blind"
2 LP's on 1 CD (DSR- 106)
The Partisans 
"Idiot Nation"
CD (DSR- 107)
The Threats 
"God is Not with Us Today"
CD/LP (DSR- 109)

The Voids
"Kill A Generation:"
CD (DSR- 102)

Broken Bones 
"Time For Anger, Not Justice"
CD (DSR- 107)
CD (DSR- 110)
Narcoleptic Youth
CD (DSR- 118)

The Voids
"Sounds of Failure, Sounds of Hope"
CD (DSR- 112)

The Freeze/Bollweevils
"A Deadly Duo"
10" EP (DSR- 48)
"Out of Spite"
12" EP (DSR- 44)
The Threats
"Live at CBGB's"
LP (DSR- 89)
The Feds
7" EP (DSR- 51)
Man Dingo 
"How's My Driving?"
7" EP (DSR- 21)

Rhythm Collision
LP (DSR- 39)
Government Issue
"Make an Effort"
7" EP (DSR- 117)

Stalag 13
"In Control"
LP (DSR- 88)
Government Issue
"Joy Ride"
LP (DSR- 121)
Social Unrest
"Songs For Sinners"
7" EP (DSR-124)
The Frustrators 
7" EP (DSR- 127)

Government Issue
LP (DSR- 125)

Black Market Baby
"Potential Suicide"
7" EP (DSR-126)
Government Issue
"The Fun Never Ends"
LP (DSR- 123)

Government Issue
"A Hardcore Day's Night"
DVD (DSR- 114)