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Strange Tales From the Doc #18 Hi Gang! Here’s a “bonus story” for you December 15th, 2013 Maus Maus, The Billybones, Dick and Jane Family Orchestra, South Bay Surfers at Viva Cantina

Hi Gang! Here’s a “bonus story” for you.
Strange Tales From the Doc #16
December 15th, 2013 Maus Maus, The Billybones, Dick and Jane Family Orchestra, South Bay Surfers at Viva Cantina
Instead of a “blast from the past” here’s a gig review from last week that my wife and I went to. This was in Burbank [just outside of Los Angeles] at a Mexican Restaurant of all places. Actually a very cool place for gigs; Mexican food, bar and music. What else do you need? First up was the South Bay Surfers. These guys have been around for years! A four piece of, how should I say it, mentally challenged gentlemen doing covers such as “Lollypop”, “Short Shorts” and other hits from the 60’s. Hey despite their disadvantages they can play well and put on a great show! They did play a little long but maybe I shouldn’t have kept yelling out requests!
Next up was The Billybones [pictured]. We had just seen them the week before at Café Nella and they killed it that night so we were expecting the same. We were not dissapointed. Always a great band to see! Bones is the original singer for the 1977 Skulls and they usually play a few classic Skulls songs. This night was no exception. They’re new songs fit in perfectly with any old Skulls song. How does Bones do it for 36 years straight? I have no idea but I’m envious. The Dick and Jane Family Orchestra were up next. Picture a much slower version of The Suburban Lawns or The Causey Way and you’re in the ballpark. Not normally my “thing” but they were actually really enjoyable.
Up next another legendary old punk rock band; The Mau Maus. Fronted by Rick, Nicky Beat of the Weirdos on drums and the guitarist of The Joneses how can you go wrong? I had never heard them, or if I did I really don’t remember them that well, because they are only featured on the “Hell Comes to Your House Part II” comp which I never cared for. But I had heard they were great live so I was looking forward to it. Rick [singer] has to be in his mid 60’s by now. Imagine a white pasty thin skinned male version of Phyllis Diller with tight black stretch pants and you’ve got his look down. But he shows up to play, that’s for sure! To me, they had a sound similar to The Dead Boys. They could have played a little longer but it was still a great show. I recommend seeing them if and when they play again.
Okay, kiddies, until next time. Drink the gift of music!!!!

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