Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Strange Tales from the Doc #17 I was standing less than 10 feet from Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols and didn’t even care…..

I was standing less than 10 feet from Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols and didn’t even care…..

It was Kraut, CH3 [I think they played?] and Plain Wrap at Oscar's Cornhuskers in Azusa, Ca. 1985-1986

Oscar’s Cornhusker was just about my favorite place to see bands. It was local and always just $6.00 to see three “headliner” type bands. And in a small club too!
Kraut was the only American band that Wattie from The Exploited claimed he liked. Why? Because Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols played with them and this night was no exception. Steve was there, which was cool, but the truth is I was never a big Sex Pistols fan. I always had them figured as a punk rock “Monkees”. You know, a band that was literally put together [by Malcom] to “cash in” on a new trend called Punk Rock. I guess I never really considered the Sex Pistols to be a “real” band. In the years that followed my opinion of the Sex Pistols has greatly changed. They were REAL punk rockers and man could they play! I still listen to “Nevermind the Bollocks” and I think I like it way more now than ever before. Hey, even a “Doctor” like me can be wrong! (just ask my gynecologist).

Okay, onto this gig. I sincerely think that Kraut is one of those many great bands that didn’t get their due. They're "Adjustment to Society" lp is a "Doc's Top 5 release". Still as great today as back then! Kraut didn't disappoint at all that night. They were amazing to see live. Pure energy and all the “hits” were played. Another band that, in my opinion, never got as popular as they should have been were Plain Wrap. I "think" they were from Orange County if I remember right. Cool early 80's Punk Rock band that could have easily been on Posh Boy Records. I've seen them at least a few times and each time they were great. Maybe they never got popular, as with Kraut, because both their lp’s were pretty hard to find. I’m not sure but I do know they were both great. And I’m not 100% sure but I think CH3 also played this gig? Why don’t I remember! Well, if they did play, I’m sure they ruled because those guys know what they’re doing.

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