Friday, June 7, 2013

Dr. Strange Records: Holy Balls of Punk Rock! (StrangeNews)

 “Dr Strange Records; Specializing in Rare Records for uncommon people”

Sweet Jesus!!

If god were candy I’d be screaming, “Sweet Jesus!”. Speaking of holy items you gotta have a look at what’s been coming in. 

Plus PLEASE read this entire message, LOTS of cool stuff going on at Dr. Strange… #rarepunk

New Items just in:

And for those ULTRA-RARE Killed By Death releases:

(or type in KBD in the Search Bar)
Here’s a list of the leftover Record Store Day tiltes:

Beaver lp:
Check out the big next thing on Dr. Strange Records; dsr-130 Beaver lp. This was originally released in 1980 [Washington, D.C.] as a 7” [only 300 made] and we’ve found 9 more studio [great quality] tracks to add. Don’t pay big bucks for the original, get this one! For fans ofEARLY Dischord releases like: Teen Idles, Void and Government Issue. This is the fastest release I’ve ever done! Only 25 test pressings were made [only a few left].

(check out our Sound Cloud link below too)

What’s new at Dr. Strange? A TON! Have a look at this. Trust your Doc, you’ll be amazed if I do say so myself: (Complete discography, Sound Cloud [with FREE downloads], OFFICIAL blogs, and so much more…

You Tube (30+ videos) up:


Tumblr: (check out new pictures of the Records Store and more! 
It’s like you’re right here (minus me farting on you)


Yelp (see what others have to say and please give us a review):

Discogs (see the 25 Year history of Dr. Strange Records):

Google Plus:

And some cool secret stuff….

And if you’re REALLY bored, check this one out:


If you are able to help me by passing out fliers at your local gigs OR putting up a Banner on your Facebook or MySpace PLEASE let me know! I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

Please e-mail me at: and if you can pass out fliers please include your address.

See a bunch of stuff you want but don’t have the cash? Leather Jacket, Bondage Belt, Rare Records etc? Then e-mail me a list of vinyl or cd’s you have and I’ll make you an offer in cash or credit. What do you have to lose? (but your very soul….).

Store address AND mailing address:

Dr. Strange Records
7136 Amethyst Ave.
Alta Loma, Ca. 91737

phone (909) 944-1778

Open every day from 11 to 7:00 p.m.! (Pacific Time)


“Dr Strange Records; Specializing in Rare Records for uncommon people”

Dr. Strange Records

Official Website
Since 1997, Products, International Mail Order, Distro, Rare, New and Used, Punk Records, CD's, Tapes, DVDs, Patches, Back Patches Clothing, T-Shirts, Jackets, Leather Jackets, Zip-Up/Pull-Over Sweaters, Hats, Posters, Stickers, Creepers, Boots, Buttons, Studs, Collectibles, Accessories, Fliers, Zines, Tote Bags, Books, Record Players.

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