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Dr. Strange Record Releases: The Freeze "Token Bones" 1997, (DSR- 62)

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Tracks from "Token Bones" by The Freeze, Old School Hardcore Punk band from Cape Cod Mass. released on Dr. Strange Records in 1997

From Wikipedia....
The Freeze are a seminal punk rock band from Cape Cod, Massachusetts that came together in 1978 when they were teenagers.[1][2] The band's first release was the "I Hate Tourists / Don't forget me Tommy" 7 inch which was released in 1980. The Freeze had nine songs appear on the important New England punk rock compilation "This is Boston Not LA" in 1981. They have recorded many full length albums including "Land of the Lost", "Rabid Reaction", "Misery Loves Company" and arguably their greatest album, "Freak Show" which was released in the early 1990s. The Freeze's last studio album entitled "One False Move" was released in 1999. The album's cover art was drawn by the late American artist, writer, and Cape Cod resident Edward Gorey.

 "Warped Confessional"

Dr. Strange Records is in the process of releasing all of The Freeze's extensive back catalog. Band founder, songwriter, and vocalist Cliff Hangar is the only member that has been in every incarnation of the band which has seen many line-up changes in its past. Guitarist Bill Close has been in many of the line-ups over the years.

"American Town"

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